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Alanya was located on the land of a little peninsula, on the north of whose there lied Toros Mt. and on the south there was Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location between Pamphylia and Cilicia the city was called both Pamphylia and Cilicia in the ancient age. Some skeletal and fossil remains found in two villages, Bademaðacý and Oba, located on the northeast of county seat, prove the fact that Alanya’s history can be traced back to the Upper Paleolithic Era(BC 20.000 – 17.000), called “the dark ages” as well.

With the era of Ottoman Empire, Alanya was first regarded as a part of Cyprus in 1571 but later had been sanjak of the province of Konya in 1864. When it later had been a sanjak of Antalya in 1868, Alanya, finally had been a county of Antalya in 1871. Atatürk named the city as Alanya when he visited it in 1935.

Posted by Seher Kulac